You can download and play my games on Itch.Io here or on Gamejolt here

A Brief Overview Of My Game Design History

I spent much of my late primary school-early high school years making games, I primarily used a program called scratch from ages 9-13 in which I probably made something like 100 games, I don't know an actual number but there were a lot. I then moved on to using game maker in high school where I started to make more "professional" looking games. I quit making games when I was 15 to pursue filmmaking.

In 2018, at age 20, I watched the documentary "Indie Game: the movie" (2012) which got me interested in making games again. After a 4 year Hiatus , I came back to game design, I bought a copy of Gamemaker Studio 2 and used Youtube to teach myself how to make games again. I'm now learning how to make games with Unity. I do all programming, art, design and music myself but am still very much in the learning stage.

Developing video games has now become my main focus, surpassing filmmaking and animation.

I have been heavily inspired by Edmund McMillen, M Dot Strange and John Romero in recent times.


Watch the trailer to my first game!

Download it here.

Watch the trailer to my second game!

Download it here.

Watch the trailer for HARDWIRED

Download it here.

Watch the trailer for Backwoods Massacre

Download it here.

Watch the trailer for Dungeon of Exile

Download it here.


I use both and GameJolt. I've found that my 2D games do well on GameJolt but not well on and my 3D games do well on but not well on GameJolt. This is just what I've experienced with my games, I'm not sure if others have discovered this or not, it could just have something to do with my marketing. I now prefer using because I'm primarily making 3D games now but my games will continue to be uploaded to both sites.


Here's the first Devlog video I made, I make them every so often to give updates and show what I'm working on.


The playlist of all Devlog's can be found here.


I also do regular updates on my Instagram and Twitter accounts so you can follow those to stay up to date.