Brief History

Blake McKinnon has been creating movies since the age of six and became his full-time hobby in 2014. Since then he has created countless short films and one feature film which has remained unreleased. The YouTube channel, created in early 2018, is where you can find all recent shorts and animations as well as behind the scenes featurettes.


He begun making video games at age nine using a program called Scratch. This was his main focus for several years before swapping to Game Maker 8. He then stopped making games at age 15 to pursue filmmaking before returning to game development in late 2018.


Blake McKinnon, 20, currently resides and works on his families farm. Filmmaking has been a full-time hobby since 2014. Since then he has continued to learn as much about the film making process as possible. The works of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg inspired him to become a movie director at a young age, Quentin Tarantino became a major influence at the age of 15, at the same time wanting to become an action movie director before a viewing of Peter Jackson's 1987 splatter comedy Bad Taste, at age 17, which began Blake's interest in Horror comedy, he also discovered the works of Sam Raimi shortly after which still inspire his unique brand of filmmaking.


An avid gamer from an early age, one of his first memories is of his mother teaching him how to play super mario bros. on the SNES, as an artistic child, making games was a natural progression. He made (possibly 100s) of game in primary school using a program called Scratch. In high school he begun using Game Maker before his 5 year game dev hiatus. Returning to game dev at age 20, he made two games with Game Maker Studio 2 becuase deciding to learn 3D game dev with Unity, which is now is preffered program to make games with. Game development is now his main focus.


Blake's other hobbies include collecting movies, mostly DVD's but is trying to build his VHS collection as well, gaming and going for walks with his dog.